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Class Calendar

May 6, 7, 8 - Fundamentals and EEWA 1

May 21, 22 - EEWA 2

June 5 - Connected Riding

June 26 - Sealing and Disconnecting

July 8, 9, 10 - EEWA1

July 23, 24 - EEWA 2

Sept 10, 11 and 17, 18 - Reiki Advanced and Master Level (2 weekends)

Class Summary

Below is a summary of what we teach here at the various energy workshops.

We cover a great many things related to energy work with extensive hands-on instruction during classes. Each student is competent and confident enough to quickly be able to do this type of work on their own.

We go into great detail of the different types of energies, what they are and how people use them for therapy:
  • Personal energy
  • Physical Energies
  • Many of the Universal healing energies
All of the students are then attuned and taught how to use Reiki energy on both humans and horses. Along with a different routines on how to treat with it.

Our syllabus includes instruction on all the things mentioned below, with each class getting more advanced in both theory and use. We use a unique style of instruction. Since most things we work with in this field have to be felt to be understood. Just discussing or reading about the energies won't do someone any good if they cant feel it and direct it themselves. We have many different exercises so people can feel and decipher each stage of an energetic treatment, how it works and how to direct it in a therapeutic way.

We cover the different types of energies that can be used:
  • Personal chi
  • Universal chi
  • The Reiki energy frequency each student will be attuned to
  • Different aspects of spiritual type healing energies - with a focus On Reiki since that is the main Energy the students will be working with
What is included in our Curriculum.

The different types of healing energies
How energy therapy’s work
Multiple Relaxing & breathing techniques
Different relaxing exercises
Energy gathering exercises from many different ways.
    Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong and other energy focused practices.
Preparation Mental, Physical and spiritual.
Extensive Protections, Physical, Mental and Spiritual.
Negative Energy blocking routines
    More for human energy’s than equine.
Multiple energy clearing routines
    With the extra benefit of clearing old negatives from other people.
How to connect energetically - what it feels like with different horses.
Connecting energies both on the ground and while mounted with horses. Emotional/Spiritual connection exercises with the horse.
How to work on multiple levels.
    Body, Mind, and spirit.
The difference between empathy and sympathy when doing energy work.
Hand positions
How long to give a session
Visual indications
Multiple techniques that help give sustained and effective results.
Working with many different horses since they all are a little different.
When to give healing
When not to give healing
How many sessions
How to charge the horse’s natural battery so that the energy can be utilized,
    Way past when you stop working on the horse.
Extensive instruction about the Chakras.
    Including both Human and equine diagrams.
The Different energy flows of the body.
    How to feel them and balance them.
Completing the session
Clearing the horse
Multiple energy clearing routines
Things you may experience
What to do if the horse is resisting
How to do a balancing between both a horse and the owner.
Different ways to work with your own horse and on other peoples horses.
Anger & Aggression
Rescue horses
Advanced techniques for increasing personal energy
Confidence building
The Ethics of energy work.
Example consent forms
Insurance Charges for both horses and humans
Marketing your practice
Continuous professional support and development

As you can see this is a very extensive and comprehensive program. We cover a vast range of material which we break up into several levels.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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