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" On Sunday morning, June 22nd 2014, when Paul Amoroso demonstrated Reiki Energy working with horses was one of the most powerful and unique Reiki sessions I have ever received.  The horse received and gave Reiki which was AMAZING and POWERFUL. The first thing I noticed and felt at a distance of approximately 25 feet was Dancer, one of Paul’s horses with 2nd level Reiki, sending energy to one of the facilitators. Then it was my turn.  As I sat on Dancer, I felt Dancer’s muscle movement beneath me, and had the sensation of being rocked back and forth as a mother would rock a child.  I realized I was being the recipient of one of the most remarkable Reiki sessions of my career. Unlike horses, I have been around energy work for approximately 15 years, 8 years as a Reiki Master.  Never have I experienced energy work so powerful and unique as when Paul and Dancer did their work that Sunday morning. I left that day with a feeling of gratitude for Paul Amoroso and Dancer’s willingness to share their very special gifts. Looking forward to further opportunities to learn from Paul his unique abilities and skill with energy. Blessings, "
--- Marty Brennan

"I am so happy I attended this workshop ! This is one thing I did for my family 2 legged and 4 and myself that by far is one of the best things I ever experienced and learned ! There is no stopping now! My 3 other companion students couldn't have been more supportive and to have them with me on the journey is truly a blessing! Our  teacher far surpassed my expectations! He is very gifted with a huge knowledge base! Thank you for teaching !!!"
--- Carol S.

"It’s hard to put into a few words all I learned and how much fun I had. Feels more like a spiritual awakening, and I’ve never felt more connected with my own life then I do now.
When I found Paul’s workshop, with Equine Energywork Academy, I knew this might be my only chance to learn about healing Reiki energy here in Ohio. I had been aware of different energies but had no idea how Reiki worked or what it really was. I was thrilled to sign up, even at my boyfriend protest calling it “a waste of time and money.” Determined, I went anyways! The classes were given in a laid back atmosphere. I felt amongst friends I’d known forever, even though we had all just met. Paul’s experience and wealth of knowledge flowed from him with ease, and made everything Reiki all so simple and easy to learn. I had so much fun working hands on, and got to experience the feel of energy on people AND animals. (My favorite was working with the horses) With my new found knowledge I worked on my once skeptical boyfriend. I’d learned to ‘feel’ areas that needed Reiki and send energy to them. (He’s had sinus and bowel issues all his life.) Without telling him anything I was doing, he said he “felt heat, and vibrations coming my hands.” Two weeks later, He still hasn’t had any sinus or bowel trouble! (Bonus, no more sleepless nights listening to him snore.) He tells me every day the Reiki is still working for him, and I can practice my “magic” on him whenever I want! My arthritis stricken dog is also benefiting, and my cat won’t leave me alone! This class was life changing for me, I’m developing an ability I’ve always had and never knew. Reiki is truly an amazing “life energy” I now use every day. I could not have had a better teacher, thank you Paul!"
--- Trisha D.
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